Visiting Conditions

The world has changed in the months that we have been away. Check here for the rules you must follow, so that your visit to Casa Fernando Pessoa will be a safe one. Our team are ready to clarify any doubts you may have.

Booking your visit:

Because of the prevention measures in place due to the pandemic, you must book your visit to Casa Fernando Pessoa in advance. If you wish to visit the exhibition in April please book  your ticket by email:
To visit Casa Fernando Pessoa after April 2021,  we suggest you buy your ticket online. If you prefere, you can also get your ticket for the subsequent days at Casa Fernando Pessoas´s ticket office.

Length of visit:

So that we can manage the levels of occupation of the building, the maximum time allowed for visiting the exhibition is one and a half hours, equivalent to roughly 30 minutes on each floor.

Prevention measures:

We have taken precautions to make sure that Casa Fernando Pessoa is a safe place (we have the Turismo de Portugal’s Clean and/& Safe seal of approval).

Casa Fernando Pessoa guarantees that:

Every member of its team wears a facemask.

We keep a minimum safe distance of two metres.

We regularly sanitise and disinfect our hands.

We obey the rules of breathing etiquette.

All members of the team have full knowledge of our Contingency Plan, including the location of the isolation area.

We fully implement the correct procedure for the sanitisation and disinfection of our premises and all their surfaces.

We guarantee that the level of occupation of all areas of the building is controlled at all times.


Visitors are requested to:

Wear a facemask at all times.

Keep a safe distance of two metres.

Use the liquid alcohol available on every floor and at the entrance to the building to disinfect your hands.

Obey the rules of breathing etiquette.

When necessary, place your mask and/or gloves in the bins allocated for this purpose.

Respect the signs relating to room capacity and circulation levels.

Please follow the instructions given by our team.


If you have any doubts, please contact: or +351 213 913 270.
We will do everything we can to make you feel at home.