We are doing our best to make Casa Fernando Pessoa more accessible to everyone.

In front of the entrance to Casa Fernando Pessoa, there is a parking space specially reserved for disabled people (this is available to the public on weekdays from 09:00 to 18:00).

Access to the building through the main entrance requires visitors to climb a few steps. There is an alternative entrance with a ramp, on the left side of the building, heading towards the restaurant. The inclination of this ramp is such that you may require help to go up it.

Most of the members of our team have been given training in welcoming and receiving people with special needs.

Casa Fernando Pessoa is equipped with a lift and toilet facilities that are accessible to disabled people. We also have a wheelchair in the reception that is available for use whenever necessary.

We regularly programme visits with audio description and with interpretations in Portuguese sign language.

In our library, we have ten books by Fernando Pessoa and the heteronyms available in braille. Also available in braille are the guide to Casa Fernando Pessoa, the information sheet provided in each room for visitors and the labels of the items displayed in the temporary exhibition Os Deuses debruçam-se do parapeito (The Gods lean over the stair rail). We also programme visits with audio description for disabled visitors. At the present time, these services are only available in Portuguese.

We are continuing to do all we can to improve accessibility and to welcome you in the best way possible.