The House

Casa Fernando Pessoa is the house where the writer lived for the last fifteen years of his life and where you can visit a reconstruction of his bedroom, the multimedia room and the library specialising in world poetry.




Casa Fernando Pessoa’s mission is to make use of Fernando Pessoa’s legacy in order to reveal this writer’s unique creative universe, and to serve as a place where people can meet and reflect on literary creation and its multiple readings.


Casa Fernando Pessoa is a house of literature in the city of Lisbon. It is a space that is dedicated to the dissemination of Pessoa’s work and the writer’s biography, as well as a meeting point motivated by programmes relating to books and literature.

The House has two libraries – a public one, specialising in Fernando Pessoa and world poetry, and Fernando Pessoa’s private library, containing the books that belonged to him. It also houses and displays the writer’s personal objects, furniture and documents.

Casa Fernando Pessoa accompanies studies and research undertaken into Fernando Pessoa’s work and the new knowledge that is gained from this, regularly collaborating with research centres and professionals engaged in studies about Pessoa, and working with books and literature.

Casa Fernando Pessoa’s programme of events includes activities that take place both inside the House and elsewhere, making it a space that is open to the community and which is always keen to develop partnerships with other entities. Our aim is to bring literature and poetry closer to different audiences, acting not only in the city of Lisbon itself, but also outside of it, in order to decentralise our field of intervention and to increase our internationalisation.