An exhibition that puts José de Almada Negreiros and Fernando Pessoa in dialogue through their books and showcases rare editions, manuscripts and personalized dedications.

The libraries of artists and writers allow us to see the circuit of relationships that are built and unmade throughout their lives, their friendships and their intellectual interlocutors. The books that writers and artists read, underline, comment, illustrate, edit, offer, and receive as gifts are part, source, or extension of their work.

In this exhibition, curated by researchers Giorgia Casara and Mariana Pinto dos Santos (CEDANSA – Documentary Archive) and Teresa Monteiro (Casa Fernando Pessoa), a selection of the books that belonged to José de Almada Negreiros is displayed, arranged in dialogue with those of Fernando Pessoa, taking into account the complicity they shared, as well as the friendships and projects they had in common.

It is possible to see manuscripts, books with precious dedications, rare editions. In the private library of Almada Negreiros, there are books with dedications signed by Natália Correia, Jorge de Sena, Teixeira de Pascoaes, Aquilino Ribeiro and even Vinicius de Moraes - among many others, showing the network of personal and artistic complicities of one of the most multifaceted Portuguese artists of the twentieth century.   

Almada Negreiros and Fernando Pessoa met in 1913, and in 1915 Almada was one of the collaborators of the Orpheu magazine, created by Fernando Pessoa and Mário de Sá-Carneiro, and considered to be the inaugural moment of the literary and artistic avant-garde in Portugal.

Herein, on display for the first time ever, are two projects of illustrated mock-ups for Message, created by Almada, but which he never published, as well as a first edition of the book Message dedicated by Fernando Pessoa to Almada, in which the latter is addressed as «Orpheu's Baby!»

There are multiple connections between Pessoa and Almada Negreiros: Almada was the author of Olisipo’s logo, a publishing house founded by Pessoa, and where Almada’s book The Invention of the Bright Day, (1921), also present in the exhibition, was given to print.

Both planned the third issue of magazine Orpheu magazine, a project interrupted by the sudden death of Fernando Pessoa, in 1935. According to curator Mariana Pinto dos Santos, "Almada was a driving force behind the creation of the pessoan myth. By isolating Pessoa’s image in the famous portrait he painted for the Irmãos Unidos Restaurant, where the Orpheu magazine group met – and which can be seen in the permanent exhibition of Casa Fernando Pessoa – , Almada is inscribing himself in the myth, by being the author of the image of Pessoa that would be perpetuated." According to the curator, this is one of the added values of this new exhibition, opening new perspectives and connections with other items that are part of the museum's collection.   



Curatorship Giorgia Casara e Mariana Pinto dos Santos (CEDANSA-Arquivo Documental, IHA-NOVA FCSH/IN2PAST) e Teresa Monteiro (Casa Fernando Pessoa)
Design and installation André Maranha (Galerias Municipais)
Communication design atelier-do-ver​​​​​​​
Construction Empresa Portuguesa de Cenários​​​​​​​
Multimedia Semente​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Production Casa Fernando Pessoa


2 March to 8 September 2024.