About us

At Casa Fernando Pessoa we conserve, preserve and promote the legacy of Fernando Pessoa, whose documentary estate was classified National Treasure of Portugal.

Home to two libraries – a public library, specializing in Fernando Pessoa and world poetry; and the Private Library of Fernando Pessoa – the Casa also houses and showcases personal items, objects, furniture and documents of the writer, as well as  a collection of works of art, composed of creations by artists of different generations and movements.

The books that belonged to Fernando Pessoa are the largest collection we safekeep and divulge. They allow us to know the creative universe of the writer, revealing him as also a reader. Keeping up with the research and new knowledge about the works of Fernando Pessoa, we collaborate regularly with researchers.

Casa Fernando Pessoa is open to the community and to collaboration with partners. We work for all levels of education – from preschool to higher education – and we try to bring literature and poetry closer to their various audiences, from our neighborhood to the other side of the world.

Inside or outside our museum, from the city where our patron writer was born, we strive to awake curiosity and we invite all to the discovery of Fernando Pessoa, poetry, literature – and their creative effects.