Letter from Ofélia Queiroz to Álvaro de Campos


Mr. Álvaro de Campos, Engineer
Dear Sir,

Allow me to disagree entirely with the first part of your letter, for I cannot permit you to describe Mr. Fernando Pessoa, a person I greatly esteem, as an abject and miserable individual; nor can I understand how you, being his close and dear friend, can treat him so deplorably.

As you see, you and I are completely at odds, as was bound to be the case. Please be so kind as to write me no more.

With regard to the recommendations you make, since they were dictated by Mr. Fernando Pessoa, I’ll do my best to please him.

Thank you for your advice, but seeing as you compel me to speak, let me tell you that the person whom I would long ago have tossed, not down the drain, but under a passing train, is your own good self.

Hoping not to hear from you again, I remain
Yours respectfully

Ofélia Queiroz


Fernando Pessoa & Ofélia Queiroz, Complete Love Letters 1919 – 1935, ed. Richard Zenith, Preface by Eduardo Lourenço
(Rio de Janeiro: Capivara, 2013)