Other Publics

The activities of Casa Fernando Pessoa’s Guided Tours and Educational Service are also aimed at other audiences, besides children and young people, with activities also being organised for different age groups.

Album of Memories

In recent years, we have also been developing an Album of Memories, in which we gather together the oldest testimonies and photographs of the surrounding neighbourhoods in the time when Fernando Pessoa lived here (between 1920 and 1935). 

Work with our neighbouring institutions

We also work with our neighbouring institutions, developing closer links with the life of our local area. This is the case, for example, with the partnership that we have formed with UniSénior in Campo de Ourique, where we offer a course entitled Introduction to Pessoan Studies. We also collaborate with the Junta de Freguesia da Estrela, where we offer the course entitled Encounters with Fernando Pessoa at the Academia da Estrela